Fall 2019

A Little Baroque Trivia

During his lifetime, J.S. Bach was better known as a teacher, administrator, and performer than composer, and was less famous than Handel and Telemann.  

Heny Purcell (1659-1695) was an English Baroque composer who died young at age 36.  He wrote more than 800 works even though he didn't live long!

IMPROVISATION was a very important skill for Baroque musicians.  Tjis means that they were able to invent and play music on the spot without looking at any written music.  Usually, they started with a theme and change it to make it different and more interesting.

J.S. Bach was very good at this.  He often played improvised music as people left church after a service.  Sometimes he went back and wrote down what he improvised, turning the music into a published piece.  

If I ever make a CD, because I love the Baroque period music, I'd call it "Baroquen Hearted" and include pieces by Bach, Clementi and Scarlatti..  While much of it would be piano, I'd also include Harpsichord from my Roland Digital piano.